10 Weeks

I might not have a lot of experience so far in the baby raising department, but we’ve made it 10 weeks so far! I thought I’d share what my favorite baby products have been so far. There are so many things so many different moms find essential, these are mine:

The Solly Baby Wrap:

Baby wearing is not a new concept, people have been wearing their babes for hundreds of years. Studies show that babies that are worn actually have better sleep habits, and fuss less.

I’ve seen the first month or two of life described as the 4th trimester, this is a big world we throw our babies into. After being in our womb for 10 months we can’t just expect them to adjust to the outside world perfectly.

I tried the Moby wrap, and found that the jersey material was going to be entirely too thick for my hot natured little baby. There were times I’d wear him in the house, air on – and he’d be sweating. So, I set out to find something lighter. At first I searched for something bamboo – but read that the material stretches too much. Emery was born 8 pounds, and at 10 weeks is now 13, I needed something that wouldn’t stretch so much that I’d constantly have to be adjusting. The solly wrap is made out of Lenzing Modal, an all natural fabric that is light, thin, and breathable. I fell in love. The colors are beautiful. We have teal and butter, they’re easy to toss in a diaper bag, easy to put on and nugget falls asleep usually in the first 15 minutes of having him on. Plus it’s so much easier than lugging the car seat around and trying to balance it on a shopping cart.

unnamed (1)

Here’s nugget knocked out in the butter color. I only wish I’d had them when he was a newborn. Love. Them.

Aden + Anais muslin swaddles are my absolute favorite. But probably not for what you think.

Nugget does not like to be swaddled. At all. We use the swaddles for basically everything else. Probably the number one thing is as burp cloths. They are huge so you can fold them over multiple times and get a lot of use out of them. Especially if you have a reflux baby. Nugget is transitioning foods right now and his tummy hasn’t been too happy about it, so when he spits up I just open to another side and boom, not going through 100 burp cloths a day. Minimize laundry is a pro in my book. I also use them as blankets, at night and during nap time. They’re a little more expensive than some other brands I’ve found (some I’ve found at Home Goods and they just weren’t as soft) they run $39.99 a pack, you get 4 swaddles and the patterns are adorable.


Here’s nugget on our newest swaddle. Monkeys, elephants, lions – oh my.

Some of my favorite onesies, purely because I’m a prints kind of girl are from Rosie Pope. The link goes to Buy Buy Baby, because as I discovered the onesies are about $10 cheaper than on the Rosie Pope site. They run $24.99 for a 5 pack, which is about average for onesies, but they’re so dang cute!

I decided on these for Emery:

 rosie pope

Mostly because, hello dinosaurs. Ignore my weird mom legs and scrapbook that I’ve YET to start on. Babies first procrastination.

Also – sidebar – Target sells BLACK ONESIES! I believe they’re online only – and I know people stock pile the white ones, but you can see all the vomit. All the spit. I much prefer black. I’ve stocked up on them. They also run $5 a pop.

Finally, my favorite thing thus far is my 4moms mammaRoo, these are definitely on the pricier side, but nugget just loves it. He usually naps in his Roo while I clean, the Roo comes with 5 different motion settings, and sounds. You can adjust the speed and volume. Seriously, if I’m not wearing him it’s his second favorite place to be. The newborn insert is adorable, and even though our seat is just the grey you can buy replacement inserts – which might come in handy if there’s ever an explosion. But at $60 for one, we’re keeping the grey.

mamma roo

Here’s my tiny nugget in his  Roo. His head fits in the top of the newborn insert now. Time flies when you’re having fun.

(The robot swaddle is by WeeGoAmigo – not that we don’t use them often, but they just aren’t my favorite. The colors faded faster and I didn’t find them to be as soft.)

So, there you go. These are my few favorite things. I have my other favorites, I love Pampers diapers and wipes. I have some Honest Co. diapers, but honestly (harhar) I prefer the Pampers because of their color strip. I never question if he needs to be changed. Desitin – a must for any new mom. Tommee Tippee bottles, when I was going to nurse these are ‘closer to nature’, but I’ve loved them ever since we started using them. The nipples aren’t too long, and the wide rim makes them easier for him to eat like he would be if he were nursing, which is their natural instinct. Bottles were something else I researched for hours.

I’m shocked he slept through this whole post, but alas it’s feedin time.

March 19, 2015

I don’t want to spend a lot of time writing out a long birth story, truth is – it wasn’t that exciting. But there are things about the birth that I don’t want to forget.

I was in labor for only 12 hours, which is actually a really short time I guess for a first baby. I went into labor naturally, and I had an epidural for SURE. Wouldn’t do it without it. I went into labor around 9:30pm, and had him at 9:30am. I slept for about 45 minutes while my parents snoozed on the loveseat in my room and my husband slept on the floor. No padding, just the floor.

I was examined several times through the night, and when the on call night doctor came in he told me that I was fully dilated, but my baby was still at a negative 2. Most pregnant women push at a positive 2. (I think that’s how it works.) Either way he was still hanging out above my hip bone. So, the on call evening doctor thought I was going to have to undergo a c-section. Shift change happened and a new doctor came on, I’d seen her once and she knew how miserable I was being pregnant. So, she said I was going to push. I started pushing, pushed through every contraction I had for 2 hours straight.

The nurses I had were amazing and actually had to tell me to stop pushing. He was crowning and the doctor wasn’t in the room. They had to get everything ready really fast, she asked if I wanted to look down at him and ploop…there he was. She said, well nevermind. And handed him off. There was meconium present when they broke my water, so they had to take him and make sure he hadn’t ingested any. He was perfect. They handed him to me and that was that.

Emery Gray was born March 19th, 2015 at 9:30am, he was 8 pounds 21 inches long. He’s almost 3 months old now and it’s crazytown. I love him so much, and I’m going to use this blog to try and document his big life and all of his milestones. So. KEEP UP.

The Days Are Long…but the Years Are Short

Okay…so not that anybody noticed a huge absence in the blog world or anything. But I sort of dipped on my blog for a bit. Life happened. I changed jobs. I changed jobs again. In between that I found out I was PREGNANT. Yep. Pregnant. I found out July 2014, and we welcomed the third player in our game of life March 19th 2015 at 9:30am.

I’ve made the decision not to go back to work. Which will likely require some life adjustments – but hey a baby already requires a LOT of those. So, why not just pile on financial changes also.

So, what can you expect? (you being the nobody that really reads this anyways…)

I’ll likely blog a LOT about my baby. He is the focus of my life now. I’ll likely blog about my favorite products, methods, how I survive etc.
I’m excited to blog about my journey to find myself – my new self – a better self. I did gain about 60 pounds, and just thanks to birthing my 8 pound boy I’ve already lost 30.

Yeah, I still love to dress up, I doubt I’ll be wearing as much Anthropologie – I mean, dry clean only? Not likely to be a part of my vocabulary. But I bet you’ll see more of what I dress nugget in.

So, that’s it. I’m just declaring that I’m back blogging – but that the direction of this blog is definitely changing. I actually feel like I have more to talk about now. And hey – it actually might be useful for my family to keep up with the ever changing miracle baby.

For today I will leave you with this:

Emery Grey Cadenhead

Emery Gray Cadenhead

Motivational Monday


I’ve had my share of bad days – and I definitely try to do my best to remember that moments are moments. They certainly don’t have to control the rest of the day – week – month – or even year. Life is full of unexpected surprises, bad days, and less than favorable decisions. I think it’s just important to remember that today is now, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is never promised. 

And in the meantime. There are cookies. 

DIY Monogram String Art

While I was looking through my crafting stuffs board on Pinterest, found here, I discovered this string art project from HGTV. 

The instructions are fairly simple – and relatively inexpensive. I already had the nails, and paint. All I had to do was print the printable from HGTV, the wood, and the string. 


Here is the link to HGTV for the string art. 

Here is my finished product: 


And a one of Josie, who was hell bent on helping:


It was a fairly easy project, even threading the string only took about an hour. I got about halfway at one point and realized half way through that I had started threading differently – so I restarted. It was fine, I wanted to really love my finished product. 

I haven’t decided where in the house I’ll put it yet, but as soon as I get around to a house tour I’m sure you’ll see it again!

Motivational Monday


I think I focus a lot on all of the things that could go wrong in life, and it makes me focus so much on the future – and worse – myself. I think that it’s better not to be such a selfish person. I tend to become so hyper sensitive about all the things that could go wrong in life. You name it, I’ve stressed out about it, that I don’t take each day for what it is and all the possibilities for positive things to happen. I just need to not focus so much on the negative. I need to think about what might go right.

November = Thanksgiving, and I think I need to remember all the things that I have to be thankful for.  

Recipe: Fish Tacos

Husband loves tacos – I like to try to find a healthy way to accomplish that. I love tilapia, I know some people think it’s fake and all, but it’s pretty delish.

I don’t really have measurements, but these are my ingredients:


Avocado is necessary. Sour cream and queso is optional. You can find this brand of salsa at Publix, and it is as delicious as it is pretty. Plus it saves time – no need to dice tomatoes. We always make a can of black beans – I use them in my taco, John uses them as a side. And we always go with whole wheat tortillas.

For the fish specifically:


 I do switch it up depending on what I’m making it for but these are the heavy hitters. Chili powder, onion powder and garlic salt and occasionally minced onion. Oh and lemon!

Basically I sauté the fish in melted butter (or coconut oil depending) and then I shred it in the pan:


 Four fillets = four small pads of butter. Basically that’s it. Slice the avocado. Cook the beans. Warn the queso and you’ve got a really nice spread.

Plus the taco’s always end up looking pretty:


 Okay, so maybe not my best presentation – but delicious!

Sometimes, when I’m feeding more people, as a great side dish I love getting a bag of frozen corn – salt, pepper and a little bit of olive oil. Broil for a few minutes and you basically have grilled corn.

Happy eating!