Recent Purchases

So, I’m a self proclaimed compulsive shopper. I tend to get on kicks and run with them, be it earrings when I had short hair – necklaces this year, or dresses and skirts for summer…I just have to have all of it. If I could wear a dress a day for the entire spring/summer season I would. 

Husband and I do try to stay on a moderate weekly budget for our personal spending, so I thought compiling my weekly purchases here it would not only help me help you snag a good deal – but also keep me in check budget wise. 

I didn’t go crazy this week – even with my having Good Friday off and browsing my two fave money savers, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I felt like I had a mental block, I couldn’t buy ANYTHING. Not even home goods. The one issue with building a house, you have no idea what’s going to go where. 

I did manage to snag a few things:


This Prabal Gurung for Target dress, half off $22.00



This sheer Mossimo peplum top, Target – $24.99 (so flattering)



These super unique lace up polka dot sandals, Forever 21 – $22.80


And finally this red a-line polka dot skirt, Forever 21 – $22.80


I’m still on the fence with the Prabul Gurung dress, while its super flattering to my shape – I just don’t know about the fabric in southern heat…The Mossimo peplum top is probably one of the most romantic feeling things I own. It’s just pretty to look at and you just feel pretty wearing it. 

I can’t speak to the shoes and skirt yet, but I hope I love them. Forever 21 can always be tricky to buy online from – BUT I do often because you can return for a full refund with Forever 21, you just ship the merchandise back. I also got a taupe waist bow belt from Forever 21 – purely for free shipping. Forever 21 does free  shipping for orders over $50, and while shipping typically runs $5-$6 with Forever 21, I’d rather have something tangible that I can use. And who doesn’t love bows?

So, that runs my total at about $50.00 at Forever 21 and $46.99 at target. Right at my weekly budget for shopping. (It’s not even Monday yet, bets on how soon I’ll go over my budget?)


First Post!

I’m so excited fo finally find a home for my blog, which I’ve debated making for the next year. I feel like this wordpress site will be exactly where I can make my home! 

While I work on daily concepts for posting, for now I’ll just say that I’m mostly here to keep all my inspiration in one place, to keep as a record so that one day I can look back on everything. 

Well! That’s it. My first post. (Hope they get better :D)