Recipe: Fish Tacos

Husband loves tacos – I like to try to find a healthy way to accomplish that. I love tilapia, I know some people think it’s fake and all, but it’s pretty delish.

I don’t really have measurements, but these are my ingredients:


Avocado is necessary. Sour cream and queso is optional. You can find this brand of salsa at Publix, and it is as delicious as it is pretty. Plus it saves time – no need to dice tomatoes. We always make a can of black beans – I use them in my taco, John uses them as a side. And we always go with whole wheat tortillas.

For the fish specifically:


 I do switch it up depending on what I’m making it for but these are the heavy hitters. Chili powder, onion powder and garlic salt and occasionally minced onion. Oh and lemon!

Basically I sauté the fish in melted butter (or coconut oil depending) and then I shred it in the pan:


 Four fillets = four small pads of butter. Basically that’s it. Slice the avocado. Cook the beans. Warn the queso and you’ve got a really nice spread.

Plus the taco’s always end up looking pretty:


 Okay, so maybe not my best presentation – but delicious!

Sometimes, when I’m feeding more people, as a great side dish I love getting a bag of frozen corn – salt, pepper and a little bit of olive oil. Broil for a few minutes and you basically have grilled corn.

Happy eating!


Fresh Wooden DIY

Hellllloooooo! Long time no blog post. Life got so crazy, and still is – but I love blogging, I loved having a creative place to let things out. So, I’m starting up again!

I decided to start with a DIY I saw on Pinterest. I did some paint dipped spoons.

The spoons were from Target – about $4. And I just used paint I already had. Supplies used:


Three acrylic paints, painters tape – and the utensils

Basically what I did was tape off where I wanted the first color to end facing the end of the spoon:


And then painted on until I wanted the next layer to begin


 I did various lengths on each layer of paint so that they would all be a little different. After the first layer I just taped off two more times.

The white paint needed two coats, and I added some of the grey to the silver – it was way too light to cover the wood. It needed two layers of paint also.


 I took a very small brush and brushed some of the extra into the holes at the ends, and that was that! Obviously these need to be hand washed – and have been! I used them for a salad for a dinner party. I think I need to find a glaze I can use to waterproof it, but I think because I used acrylic paint little splashes of water didn’t make any marks.

This would make a really fun personalized gift, just make sure that the recipient knows they’re hand wash only!