DIY Monogram String Art

While I was looking through my crafting stuffs board on Pinterest, found here, I discovered this string art project from HGTV. 

The instructions are fairly simple – and relatively inexpensive. I already had the nails, and paint. All I had to do was print the printable from HGTV, the wood, and the string. 


Here is the link to HGTV for the string art. 

Here is my finished product: 


And a one of Josie, who was hell bent on helping:


It was a fairly easy project, even threading the string only took about an hour. I got about halfway at one point and realized half way through that I had started threading differently – so I restarted. It was fine, I wanted to really love my finished product. 

I haven’t decided where in the house I’ll put it yet, but as soon as I get around to a house tour I’m sure you’ll see it again!

Fresh Wooden DIY

Hellllloooooo! Long time no blog post. Life got so crazy, and still is – but I love blogging, I loved having a creative place to let things out. So, I’m starting up again!

I decided to start with a DIY I saw on Pinterest. I did some paint dipped spoons.

The spoons were from Target – about $4. And I just used paint I already had. Supplies used:


Three acrylic paints, painters tape – and the utensils

Basically what I did was tape off where I wanted the first color to end facing the end of the spoon:


And then painted on until I wanted the next layer to begin


 I did various lengths on each layer of paint so that they would all be a little different. After the first layer I just taped off two more times.

The white paint needed two coats, and I added some of the grey to the silver – it was way too light to cover the wood. It needed two layers of paint also.


 I took a very small brush and brushed some of the extra into the holes at the ends, and that was that! Obviously these need to be hand washed – and have been! I used them for a salad for a dinner party. I think I need to find a glaze I can use to waterproof it, but I think because I used acrylic paint little splashes of water didn’t make any marks.

This would make a really fun personalized gift, just make sure that the recipient knows they’re hand wash only!