DIY Monogram String Art

While I was looking through my crafting stuffs board on Pinterest, found here, I discovered this string art project from HGTV. 

The instructions are fairly simple – and relatively inexpensive. I already had the nails, and paint. All I had to do was print the printable from HGTV, the wood, and the string. 


Here is the link to HGTV for the string art. 

Here is my finished product: 


And a one of Josie, who was hell bent on helping:


It was a fairly easy project, even threading the string only took about an hour. I got about halfway at one point and realized half way through that I had started threading differently – so I restarted. It was fine, I wanted to really love my finished product. 

I haven’t decided where in the house I’ll put it yet, but as soon as I get around to a house tour I’m sure you’ll see it again!


Home inspiration

We got the official word – that our lot is graded and our slab will be poured on the 18th of this month! This is wonderful news after the city of Atlanta changed their codes for 2013, and ours was the first lot our builder tried to pull, so they had to go through a lot of back and fourth with the city – but they’re finally building! 

We’ve designed the entire house inside and out – and props to me, only went over budget by about $200 on lighting. That’s like nothing when it comes to modifications for a house. We’ll be doing a lot of projects ourselves, a backsplash, a laundry hole (for lack of better word) between our closet and the laundry room. They back up to each other – why NOT?! 

Pinterest is a great place to keep all my home inspiration, but to keep myself even more organized I thought I’d keep some of my biggest inspiration pictures here. 

Our whole house will be painted ‘Rainwashed’ by Sherwin Williams – during the house hunt, I got very discouraged and decided to overhaul the townhouse – little did I know a few weeks later we’d find the house we’re currently building. This is my initial inspiration pic for Rainwashed:


In the townhouse we have the original floors, their over 60 years old and similar in color. We’re doing a very similar color in the new house, so I love the way the wall color plays with the flooring. 

The house has a very open floor plan, and a lot of windows, so I’m obsessed with light colors, I love this room:


I pretty much love everything going on here – minus the wall color, I do like a little saturation. I love the chairs, I don’t know if these are considered womb chairs, but they have the mid century modern feel that I love. 

Our current bedroom is a grey, that has a lavender tone? It’s really hard to describe the color, and naturally I can’t remember the name of it, it’s darker and I’ve obsessed with this print:


I love it as art inspiration for our bedroom. I don’t know how fast we’ll repaint any of our spaces, I love Rainwashed, so I’m not sure if we’ll repaint or love the light feel. We felt the grey was a more sophisticated feel for our bedroom for now. 

For the spare bedrooms, we’ve decided we’re moving our current queen mattress (and getting a king for ours, YES). We have a vintage quilt that John’s grandmother gave us when they left their ginormo house for their chic condo – it’s similar to this:


I love the idea of bringing in a pop of color with the sheets. For us the guest bedroom will be sort of rustic feeling. We have several different pieces of furniture that would lend itself to a little rustic room, but the pops of color would help to make it more modern. 

Now, the second spare is on the main level – and will one day be used as a nursery. Husband and I will be adopting – and that will be another story for another day – so, what do I do with this room for now? I’ve longed for a closet room – and especially if we’re removing some of the wall in our bedroom closet for the laundry room…we could just do a door, but then we’re missing out on closet space. I see these rooms and long for this sort of space:


It would be nice to have somewhere to get ready, have a vanity, house all my stuff in one place – especially to not wake husband when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. I do wonder though, if our house is being looked at by and adoption agency would they wonder wtf with this room? Also, how then could I consolidate this room back into a normal closet?

So, my second option would be to turn it into a chic office space:



This office I love. This table is to die for. The legs are very similar to this dining table at world market that I lusted over until husband saw it and didn’t like the finish (husband: dream crusher). But I’ve yet to find it in white. I keep the books, so an office could be a useful space, as well as craft room and I can keep my exercise bike in here as well. We can mount a tv on the wall so that I can ride in the room as well. I’m really good at knocking my bike in to walls when I’m trying to move it around. 

Those are some of my inspiration photos, I’ll share some of my actual stuff soon. Trying to find a way to combine the new things you want and then old you already have (especially when you have a husband with hoarder tendencies) is hard.

This is our first house, and it’s brand spanking new – so we want new furniture, and we’ll probably want it as soon as we see what our old stuff looks like. I’m constantly bookmarking furniture, but we’ve got till July, so I shouldn’t get so far ahead of myself.